Anker Roav C1

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The Anker Roav C1 is built by the Chinese company Anker. Anker has an excellent reputation around the world for their customer support which is top notch. E-mail support is offered internationally while some countries are even offer telephone support. Nonetheless should something go wrong with yourAnker Roav C1, support is easy to obtain with quick response.

The Roav C1’s video quality is decent but other dash cams of similar value edge out the video quality just a little more. During the day video quality is good but there are some challenges at night where small details such as signage or a license plate number are little hard to read. If you’re only concerned with video quality during the day, you’ll be fine with his camera.
Build quality is good in the camera sticks to the windshield with an adhesive backing. This is a great feature because there is no need for a bulky mount.

One distinct advantage this cam has over other cams in its price range is the impact triggered parking mode. With the Roav C1 you don’t need to hardwire the Dashcam to make this parking mode work. You can connect directly to the cigarette lighter. The reason for this is that the camera has a built in battery which is rated at 470mAh.

The way how this parking mode works is that when an impact is detected the camera start recording and records 30 seconds of video. The manufacturer claims that an average of 30 videos can be recorded and supported by the internal battery. As a downside the camera takes roughly 7 seconds to star recording after the impact is felt. In this case it may not capture enough to determine who or what was responsible for the damage.

If wi-fi is important to you the Roav C1 supports this. Apps are available for both android and iOS so you can download footage directly to your smart phone.

Overall this is a decent camera but there are better ones in its price range in terms of video quality. We liked that it has solid construction and highly rated customer support. Parking mode on this camera is another plus two to the simplicity of operation. As a downside of large battery does presents some heating issues in warmer regions. If you are located in a warmer climate you may wish to consider a capacitor based dashboard camera an an alternate.

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Here is a sample of the Anker Roav C1 dash cam in action.