What is the Best Dash Cam for Your Car

This is a question i see popping up just about everywhere and almost every time someone gives a definitive answer it’s either because they are trying to make money off said product or they are the manufacturer themselves shielding themselves through cloaked social media.

The short answer – There is no best dash cam for your car. The answer is, what is the best dash cam for YOU?

Everyone has a different idea of what a dash cam should do. I posted this question in quora and immediately I got some answers. Take a look at these:

So you can see from just a couple of comments that I think most people’s wants from a dash cam is security. They are worried about someone either doing a hit and run, or an accident that is difficult to prove, etc. So this begs the question, for folks that have security in mind, the best dash cam for their car is one that has a high image resolution so that capturing a license plate is something that will be easily seen in the recording is of the utmost importance.

In my post about the features to look for in a dash cam I talk about this very thing where HD image quality is essential. So if you can relate to this, you’ll want a cam that can film at 1080p and nothing less. You’ll also have to consider the degree of angle as well because if it’s too narrow, you may not capture all what’s necessary on the left or right of the car and if it is a wide angle lens it could be distorted a bit due to the fish eye lens effect. Do you due diligence when looking for a dash cam and analyzing it’s resolution’s pros and cons.

Additional Security

If you ever get rear-ended, usually it’s the other drivers’ fault. So normally your insurance will be on your side in this case. There are times though that other drivers might try to make up some kind of a story, like saying it was you that backed up into them. This would be quickly quashed by having a rear facing cam that recorded all the action. In this case as well, a low resolution camera may not capture the license plate, but at least it is something and can prove the other driver was at fault. Having a high resolution for the rear is a good idea and many cams come with this option.

If Sightseeing is Your Thing

Perhaps you don’t really worry about accidents and just want to record your leisurely drive through the picturesque mountains. In this case, a high quality resolution cam is best for your car but you should also make sure that you have “manual” mode to record as well. This will ensure that the cam records everything and doesn’t delete the footage. Most quality cams will have a looping mode where footage is erased after a few minutes and records over the old footage. With manual mode you can set it to record and it won’t erase anything. You’ll have to download the data and then delete the footage or just record over it again. For these users, you’ll want to have at least a 64KGB dash cam memory card so you can capture your entire drive and then some.

On a side note, I wish I had a dash cam on the rental I used when visiting Las Vegas and taking the scenic drive in Red Rock. If you’ve never done that, you really should because the footage will be incredible.

Do Your Due Diligence

As you can see, by now you will probably agree with me that there are no real answers to what is the best dash cam for your car. It all comes down to preferences. If you’re still not sure which feature suits you best, head on over to my main page and see what feature sticks out to you the most.