BlackVue DR750S-2CH Review

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Blackvue’s latest dash cam is the DR750S-2CH.  This dual lens dash cam comes with some great improvements over the previous model the DR650S-2CH.  This previous model was one of the best selling dash cam of the high end variety of all time.

Similar to the DR650S, you are able to live stream the video on the Internet using the Blackvue cloud service.  For this you will need a wi-fi hotspot in your vehicle.

Something to note is that the DR750LW-2CH is an entirely different dash cam so be sure to not confuse the two.  The DR750s does not have a screen while the DR750LW has a LCD touch screen.

If a rear camera is not needed, you can opt for the DR750S-1CH which is a single lens version of this camera.

As far as video quality goes, the DR750S has very good video quality in both daylight and darkness.  The rear facing camera is considered good during the day and of fair quality at night.

The Updated Version – What’s New

What separates the DR750S from the DR650S is that the newer dash cam records in both 1080p for the front and rear cameras.  The 650 only recorded at 720 P for the rear camera so this upgrade makes quite a difference. A  2.1MP Sony Starvis sensor are now fitted on the new models front and rear cameras.  This enables greater video quality especially on the rear camera.

Also new is a proximity sensor which the previous model did not have.  This can serve as a mute button for the built in microphone. It can also serve as a lock file button.  This has made this model the very first Blackvue dash camera that can support this feature.

With the button on the side you can toggle wi-fi, format the micro SD card or reset wi-fi to factory default settings.  For added security the default wi-fi password is no longer the same among all models.  Users are encouraged to change the password anyway once they activate their dash cam.

Video Bit Rates

The DR750S has increased video bit rates.

Front camera + 10 to 12 Mbps | Rear – 5 to 10 Mbps.

Initial boot of the 750 S is about 10 seconds faster than the 650.

Also improved is the feat tolerance factor.  Tolerance increases from 60° C to 70° C or 140° F to 148 degrees Fahrenheit.

Micro SD Card Capability

The new camera supports up to 128 GB in micro SD cards.  Recommended as at least 64 GB as with dual channel cameras smaller micro SD cards will result in more writing cycles thus decreasing the life of the card.

Parking Mode

Buffered parking mode is part of the DR750s.  As previously mentioned most dash cams need to be hard wired to enable parking mode.  The other option is getting an external battery pack.  What we like about Blackvue’s parking mode feature is that if an event was triggered it will notify you once you return to your vehicle.

Need to upgrade your DR650s to the DR750s?

Upgrading is easy as the only hardware that is different is the forward camera mount.  Wiring and the rear camera mount remain the same so that upgrading is a breeze.

Our final thoughts

If you are previously looking into getting the DR650s but have not purchased it yet you should be happy that the new DR750s is out.  Many improvements have been made especially with the better rear video quality which we’re really like.  The lock file but an option is also a welcome addition that will please many new owners.

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BlackVue Dr750s – 2CH Footage.

Ensure that you watch in full screen and choose the maximum resolution to obtain the original video quality.