DOD LS460W Dash Cam Review

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The Dod LS460W isn’t the newest of the Dod line up but it is our favorite because the video recording seems to be better than the newer and obviously older models the LS300w & Ls430W. Until a newer version comes out, we suggest if you are going to get a Dod to stick with this model and not the LS470W or LS470W+.

Video Quality

As for video quality, the Dod LS460W records amazing quality in both day and night driving.  Night driving video has improved greatly over the LS430W, the older model.  If  capturing night footage is important to you, you will definitely want to go for the LS460W as it is much superior over the older model.


Standard with the Dash cam comes a GPS tracker which is built into the mount of the camera.  The GPS Data regularly updates every 5 seconds so if you want to include your speed in the video footage it will be very accurate.


The Dod comes with a 2.7 inch screen which you can operate in two different modes.  You can either record the footage ahead of you or put it in HUD mode (heads up display) which will show you your direction of travel and current speed.  Also included with screen settings as a screensaver that can be adjusted depending on your preferred length of time.

Other Features

A couple of advanced features that we really like is the ability to adjust the frames per second.  The standard is 30 frames per second but this camera can be adjusted to record in 1, 2, or 10 fps if desired.  This is especially handy while in parking mode where a lot of detail is not needed.

You can also configure the Dashcam to give you a speed warning.  You can set the speed limit and if this is exceeded the camera will warn you of excess speed.

Micro SD Card Capability

According to the manufacturer the Dod LS460W can support up to 64GB SDXC cards.  This should give you approximately 8 hours of recorded footage.  When formatting for this camera it is best to format it directly inside the device rather than externally on your computer.

Standard Features:

  • Loop recording
  • Auto – on/off
  • G-Gensor w/impact detection
  • Emergency button – can save footage to avoid being erased.
  • Ability to set a password on device to prevent access.
  • Includes mount for CPL filter. (this assists video quality in bright conditions)

If you’re in a hot climate you may wish to choose a different dash cam that can handle the heat better than the Dod LS460W.  Some users have reported that under high heat conditions the camera gets out of focus.  The manufacturer has a good warranty program so if this should happen you should have no problems getting an exchange.

Final Thoughts

Overall we love this dash cam and a good choice for this price range.  Combined with its excellent day and night time footage it’s clearly a good choice.  Check the customer ratings for Amazon to see for yourself in what other people are saying about this dash camera.


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Here is a side by side comparison of the night video quality between the LS460W and LS470W – you can see the are almost identical. I still prefer the footage of the LS460W though.


The Dod LS460W – day footage