Do You Need a Front and Rear Dash Cam?

I get many people writing me asking if having a front and rear dash cam, also known as a 2 channel dashboard camera, is necessary. Well, I can tell you from my experience is that you can’t go wrong with a rear camera. You’ll never know when you will need one and finding out the hard way is never fun. Having said this, the question still remains – is the rear camera a necessity?

This is exactly what I am going to discuss here today.



Take a look at the image above.  This image captures a car rear ending the car that has a rear facing Dash cam installed.  The license plate was clearly shown in the original video footage so in the event of a hit and run, all the driver would need to do is send the video footage to his insurance company and it would be taken care of.  Incidents like these is why having a rear facing camera is so important.

Capturing a License Plate – Difference Between Winning & Losing

It is important to note that the front facing camera may capture the license plate of the vehicle as it drives off but this is never a guarantee.  You can see now that in a case like this having a 1080 P rear camera is a big advantage when involved in a rear collision.

The image below shows a broken rear window on a car that had a rear facing dash cam.  In this incident there was someone cutting the grass and the lawnmower kicked up a rock which smashed the rear window.  Without this footage the owner would be responsible to pay for the damages himself or have to pay a deductible through his insurance company.  It is not a guarantee that you can force the individual to pay for the damage that caused it but at least having it on video will definitely help.


Hit and Run Becoming an Epidemic

Depending where you live, there may be no penalty for hit and run.  What I mean by this is that if you are caught hitting another vehicle on camera and you drive off and are subsequently charged with the incident it is exactly the same as if you stayed put when the accident occurred.  So many people will take their chance and drive off because they know that there will be no further consequences.  This is just another reason to have adequate camera coverage in the front and rear.

Cost of Cam Covered by What You’d Save on Your Deductable

Think of this scenario.  What is the cost of your deductible?  Is it $100.  Or is it $1000.  Having a front and rear dash cam installed will give you a very good chance of not having to pay your deductible.  When you think of it, the amount you paid for your dash cam is covered many times over by what you would have had to pay for a deductible.  The footage you get is almost always admissible by your insurance company.  As long as the incident and a plate number are recorded you should not have to pay a deductible and what’s more, your rates will not go up because the guilty party’s insurance will need to cover the full cost.