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The predecessor – the KDLinks X1 was a very popular dash cam among drivers. However, it was not available as a 2 channel cam. Say hello to the KDLINKS DX2, a 2 channel cam and in case you don’t know what that is – it’s simple – it’s a dash cam with an additional camera for rear view recording. In this day and age, it’s strongly suggested.

The front camera of the DX2 records at 1080p at 165 degrees wide coverage. The rear camera is rated at 720p so quality will not be as great but still sufficient.

This dash cam works well in low light conditions as it comes with the six-glass Nikon lens. It’s maximum aperture is f/1.6. In case you’re not aware what this means, let’s just say that it allows for decent night footage.

Image Quality

The DX2 comes with WDR which stands for wide dynamic range.  This is similar to your digital camera with an HDR setting. Basically, the technology allows the camera to capture a wide spectrum of colors. Capturing the whitest of whites and the darkest possible for dark images makes the footage extra crisp.


Loop recording is part of the KDLINKS DX2. The camera will record continuous footage and once the memory has been exhausted, the recording starts over again and re-writes the existing footage.  In the box you’ll find a 16GB memory card that comes standard so purchasing one is not necessary unless you want to have greater memory capacity.

With memory lock which is included in this dash cam, you don’t need to worry about the files being overwritten as if an event is triggered, such as an accident or hitting a large pot hole, the file is stored permanently unless removed by you. Even if the card comes to the end of the space left, it will still maintain this file.

Camera Size

The DX2 is 3.5 x 2 x 1.4 inches. It’s very lightweight at around 5.3 ounces.

Final Thoughts

The KDLINKS DX2 is a very popular dash cam and it’s no wonder thanks to the success of it’s predecessor. Having an included SD card and charging cable is a plus, the downside being lack of GPS and the rear cam rated at 720p – which is still decent. For about $30 more you could get the Lukas LK-7950 WD which has 1080p resolution in both the front and rear cameras. But, if this doesn’t concern you, then the DX2 is a good choice.


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Daytime Driving Footage – KDLINKS DX2