Lukas LK-7900 ARA Review

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The Lukas LK-7900 ARA is a redesign from the ever popular Lukas LK-7900 ACE. If you put these two together they look identical but this is simply not the case. The Lukas LK-7900 ARA has been upgraded with many new features. The new camera supports OBD-ll which connects to this interface and can record data such as accelerator, steering wheel position, etc. However, this is only compatible with a select manufacturers which will be included below.

One of the upgrades is the expansion for allowable memory. It can now support up to 256GB SD cards. The older version of this camera could only store half this data so this is a big upgrade. On the LK-7900 ARA there is no more battery as it has been replaced with a capacitor. This is a plus as it increases longevity and makes the device more reliable.

High temperatures are also tolerated very well with the new unit, as with the older device. It’s maximum tolerance is rated at 80 degrees Celsius. If you’re living in a hot climate, then you definitely will not have any issues with this dash cam.

There are still some similarities with the ARA and the ACE. Loop recording, G-Sensor, auto on&off, parking mode – are common in both models.

Video Footage

The Lukas LK-7900 ARA and the ACE have comparable video but taking a close look at the recording you can see the ARA to be visibly sharper. Video quality during day time driving is very good and considered “good enough” at night.

Final Thoughts

The Lukas LK-7900 ARA is a stealthy, well built dash camera. It’s high tolerance to heat and stealthy look are favorites with those that admire those qualities in a dash cam.


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Day Time Footage with the LK-7900 ARA

Night driving footage: