Lukas LK-7950 WD

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Here is our review of the The Lukas LK-7950 WD that was officially released in march of 2015.  This fully loaded dash cam supports features such as wi-fi, GPS and GLONASS, OBD-ll and buffered parking mode.  Along with a lot of features this camera is also known for its ability to tolerate extreme temperatures.  If you live in a hot climates country this dash cam is definitely a wise choice as it can sustain operation in extremely high temperatures.

Discretion was not an option when this cam was designed.  The camera is fairly big in size coming in at 11×10 centimeters.  At this size you would think that the camera has a screen but it actually does not.  The rear camera is small and discreet so can be hidden well.

We’re very impressed with the video quality of the Lukas Lukas LK-7950 WD.  Both the front and rear cameras have 1080p resolution.  Both cameras use Sony Exmor IMX322 sensors.  For day driving both cameras have very good recorded video.

Video Quality

Night time recording of the front camera has decent quality while the rear camera is also fair.  Keep in mind lighting plays a large part in this and depending on the amount of lighting on the road – quality will be influenced. 30 frames/ second also known as fps is what the front camera records in.  The rear is 24fps.  Quality between the two is hardly noticeable.  Keep in mind as mentioned that rear cam quality at night will always suffer more due to the lack of light.  This is common for all two channel dash cams.

To assist with the quality of night recording the LK-7950 WD supports HDR – High Dynamic Range.  To further enhance recording a UV filter is included and you have the option to get a CPL filter to assist with reducing daytime reflections.

Handy Options

GPS and GLONASS support is included but this is an option.

The Lukas LK-7950 WD can be connected to your computer via the USB Port on the device.

Parking Mode

Buffered parking mode is supported on the LK-7950 WD.  If the motion detection picks up any movement or if the G sensor is activated then the camera will store the footage 10 seconds prior to the event in 20 seconds after.  This gets stored and will not be affected until you delete this file.

As with most dash cams that come with buffered parking mode when activated and sitting for a long period of time there is a danger of depleting your car’s battery.  However, this dash cam comes with a discharge prevention device so that when your battery a reaches a level that’s configurable by you, it will power down to preserve your car’s battery.  This is a great feature as you’ll never need to worry about your dash cam consuming your car’s battery completely.

As with most higher end dash cams this model uses a capacitor instead of an internal battery.  The advantage here is that capacitors can handle heat much better and last longer overall.

If you’re a data hound then you’ll be happy to know that this dash cam has an OBD-ll interface.  You’ll be able to record car data such as speed, acceleration, braking etc to include in your recorded footage.

The LK-7950 WD comes with an app to use on both Android and iOS. You can update the camera’s firmware simply by getting it from your smartphone via download. There is no need to connect the device physically.

Viewing the live feed with your phone via wi-fi is possible but the problem here is that there is a delay of about a few seconds. So using your smartphone as a live video feed is not a practical solution because of this delay.

Final Thoughts

The Lukas LK-7950 WD is definitely a great buy if you are looking for a dual channel dash cam in this price range that we’ve reviewed. If you would prefer a cam that is slightly smaller but performs just as good, then take a look at the BlackVue DR750S-2Ch. However, the LK-7950 WD supports OBD-ll


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