Thinkware F800 Pro Review

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Thinkware recently released a new version of the F800 dash cam.  This new and improved version is still based on the same hardware.  Basic construction still looks the same.  Thinkware knows that stealth looks are important so they made this new version in all black.

Another distinction between the old version – the F800 pro supports up to 128 GB in micro SD cards.  This is double the size of the F800.  This is not just about holding more data, but it also doubles the life of the SD card because it reduces its writing cycle greatly due to the larger size.  If you’re not aware, SD cards have limitations in the amount of writing cycles.

Upgrading to this new version if you so desire will be easy because they both share similar wiring and mount systems.  Their rear cameras are the same so swapping for the new version is a snap.

Both versions of these cameras have a very good build quality and from customer feedback – support from Thinkware is top notch.

The Dash cam’s settings can be changed with your smart phone wi-fi or can be adjusted using the PC/Mac viewer software by simply inserting the SD card in your computer’s reader.

Regarding SD cards, as mentioned before it would be a good idea to use at least 64 GB but 128 GB is preferred.  This is because but we discussed earlier with recording cycles relative to micro SD capacity.  As for the brand of micro SD card for Thinkware, users have reported more reliability with the Thinkware branded SD cards.  You can use other branded cards however some people have reported some issues sporadically with them.

Thinkware parking mode

Thinkware’s F800 pro has a very robust parking mode.  The camera comes with three different parking modes which we will discuss below.

  1. Buffered parking mode – Here, the camera records continuously and will write over the footage if an event is not triggered with either the G sensor or motion detection. If an event does occur, the footage is stored to a folder on the SD card.  The recording that is saved is 10 seconds before the event occurred and 10 seconds after.
  2. Energy saving parking mode – In this mode the camera records in a non buffered state. After an event that gets triggered by the G sensor, the camera starts recording within a second and will store the subsequent 20 seconds of footage.  This option should be used when your vehicle is parked for extended periods of time so that less energy is consumed.
  3. Time lapse parking mode – Here, the camera records continuously but at 2fps. This allows you to see the entire footage when reviewed.  If an event got triggered, the camera will give an audio alert once you return to your car.  These alerts inform you on how many events were triggered that resulted in a recording.

One of the problems with keeping your cam active while being parked for extended periods of time is the inevitable depleted battery syndrome.  Thinkware has come up with a system that will shut down the camera if your battery gets depleted beyond a certain point that you specify.  This is a great feature to ensure that you will never have any problems starting your car while the camera is in operation.

In order for parking mode to work you’ll need to hardwire your dash cam.  There are two ways of doing this.  You can either buy a hard wiring kit which will enable you to connect your cam to your fuse box or you can get an extra battery pack which connects between your car battery and the Dash cam.

Thinkware Cloud

If your F800 pro is connected to a wi-fi network or hotspot, the Thinkware cloud has a few handy features that operate remotely.

  • Driving Impact Notification – an alert is received when the Dashcam detects some type of impact to the vehicle
  • Geo Fencing – if your car leaves the specified area (such as it being stolen) an alert is sent to your smart phone
  • Locate vehicle – can use GPS through the clould to monitor whereabouts.

The Verdict

The Thinkware P800 Pro is simply an incredible performer for the front and rear dash cam class.  Similar dual lens cams do not offer the same video quality especially at night.  If parking mode is important to you where different options can be utilized for your purpose then this cam really shines in this respect.

It is the excellent video quality for both the front and rear cams in both daylight and night and multiple parking modes that make this dash cam our favourite.

The only negative we can think of is that although the cloud features are robust, it will not enable you to live stream over the Internet such as the BlackVue does.  This may change in the future and we will surely keep you informed.

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