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Thinkware x500 & x500D Review

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The Thinkware X500D is a dual channel Dash cam.  It comes with the front and rear camera.  The rear camera can also be purchased separately if you wish to record rear facing footage.  The rear camera’s model number is TWA-X500F750R.

If you choose to install the rear camera it comes with a cable that is 21 feet (6.4m) long which is ample enough for most applications.  This rear camera is also compatible with the F750 Thinkware as well.

There can sometimes be some confusion between the X500D and X500 among retailers.  Sometimes the X500 will include the rear camera so make sure you check to see if it is included are not.


THINKWARE TWA-X500F750R Rearview Camera

Video Quality

The video quality of both the front and rear cameras are exactly the same due to the identical sensors and lenses that are used.  The rear camera may only look different at night just because you’re obviously not shining any lights back there.

The cameras both record at 1080p with 30fps.  Video quality is very good during day driving and fair enough during night time driving.  The quality of video in the rear degrades more that darker it gets of course which is understandable.

User Friendly Manual and Software

As with a lot of manuals for dash cams out there, the translation can be pretty harsh and sometimes very hard to understand.  Thinkware has come up with a very good English Manual that is easy to understand.  The software is also quite useful and can be downloaded from Thinkware’s website and can be used on both Mac and PC.


Supported memory for the X500D allows up to 64GB for both cameras. This will give you approximately 4 hours of dual channel video at 1080p.  After this point the loop recording will overwrite the files and start over again.  For the single cam X500, you can record up to 8 hours before loop recording deletes the footage and start over again.

Parking Mode

As with most dash cams you will need to hardwire the X500D and X500 in order for buffered parking mode to work.  This will record 10 seconds of footage before and after an event is triggered by the G sensor or motion detection.  You will need to purchase a hard wiring kit separately.  In some cases the vendor may include a hard wiring kit so pay attention to what is included.

Video Footage

Thinkware’s trademark on dual save technology allows you to have a backup on both the SD card and the cameras internal memory.  This gets saved when the G sensor gets activated by an impact and will save this footage 4 seconds before and 2 seconds after.  The G sensor can also be adjusted on the sensitivity controls to ensure that it is not being triggered by anything else than a real impact.

Final Thoughts

The X500D and X500 is a great dash cam and we like the fact that you can always add on the rear camera later if you wish.  Keep in mind this may be a little costlier then if you buy the X500D that comes with both cameras.  It’s still an option which is always great to have.

If you’re not worried about stealthy looks, then this dash cam could be a good fit for you.  It is a little more noticeable than other dash cams reviewed due to its size and color but it makes up for it with its overall better video quality than other dash cams in the same price range.

Value for money for this cam is up there because it’s one of the cheaper options of the dual channel web cams even though it performs just as good or better than others in its class.

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