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Welcome to my review of the Vava dash cam.  At a price point around $150.00, (get it here for 33% off!) it brings quite a bit to the table when you compare it to cameras like Thinkware.  The Vava records video at 1080p at 60fps (frames per second) which is currently the industry average for a good dash cam.

At a viewing angle of 155 degrees, it can capture quite a lot in its field of view. What I really like about this dash cam is that you can rotate the camera 360 degrees, so if you and your driving companions want to comment or sing a song on cam while driving, simply turn the cam towards you and do your thing. The microphone is decent so it picks up pretty good audio.

Similar to other cams in this price range or higher, it has G-force detection and can be set up to capture video of an event occurring, even when the car is off. It comes with GPS to measure speed and is wi-fi enabled so you can connect your smartphone to it. It does not come with a second camera so you will need to rotate it to decide what you wish to capture.

Besides not having a rear camera, the Vava dash cam does not come with a micro SD card. You will need to purchase this separately and the manufacturer states that class 10 is supported and up to 128GB. You will need to configure the card itself as it’s always recommended to format the card first.

Sceen not included, but…

Because the Vava does not come with a viewing screen, you will need to access the camera through the Vava dash-cam app which you can get for both Android and iOS.  There is no desktop app but you can use the computer to view the files directly from your micro SD card.

The Vava app gives you quite a bit of useful information which we like.  Things like a map of the last route you took, installation guide and your latest snapshot are included.  When the Vava is connected to your smart phone via wi-fi, access is gained to all your videos and photos.  You’re also able to configure the settings as well.  You can even post pictures directly to social media from your phone with the saved media.

The Vava is smartly designed and well laid out.  Some settings may be buried within the app and not easily found such as configuring speed between kilometers and miles per hour.  Overall though, the app is good enough that having controls on the camera itself is simply not necessary.

Video Quality

Video quality during the day is good while that night it is adequate provide you have enough lighting.  If turning the camera towards you at night while driving you’re not going to pick up much but having your headlights and the camera facing forward definitely helps as the Vava does not need too much light to perform well.

Capturing Stills and Video

Snapping photos and taking videos manually are simple just by pressing the Vava button.  This is a remote button that can be attached to the steering wheel so you never need to take your eyes off the road which is a safety feature that we really like.  Pressing the button once will take a photo, pressing the button and holding it will take a 20 second video.

Another way the Vava dash-cam records video is when the G sensor picks up a significant change in G forces.  If you brake too hard, swerve quickly or sometimes even hit a pothole these events will be recorded.

In parking mode if the G sensor is activated then the camera will capture and store the event.  This is due to the built in 320mAh battery.

Final Thoughts

For the money the Vava dash cam is a great deal especially at the time of this writing you’re getting 33% off.  The video quality may not be as clear as the higher end dash cams like the Thinkware or BlackVue but it’s pretty close.  If you like the idea of the unique remote button for taking pictures or videos and the 360°swivel than it’s a no brainer to get this dash cam.  If you’re looking for a two channel Dashcam with a rear camera can check out some of our recommended two channel dash cams on review page.

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