Vicovation Vico-Opia2

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The Vicovation Vico-Opia2 is a high end dash camera that is very well designed and can record in 2560×1440 – 1440p resolution. The Vico-Opia2 is build by a Taiwanese company – Vicovation.

We like the video quality of this camera in both day and night, quality for both is excellent. The level of detail that this camera records in is very good and things like license plate numbers are easily seen in either day or night.

The Vico-Opia2 supports HDR. This enhances the quality of visibility for night time.

Build Quality

The Vico-Opia2 is built well and feels solid in your hand. No cheap materials here. The 2” screen comes in handy when you want to review footage.

Handy Features

Under the screen you will notice a bright orange button. This is a handy feature where you can record an event for up to one minute that will stay in the camera’s memory and not be overwritten by the loop recording. When the button is pressed, it will save the footage for 1 minute. Saved footage starts 30 seconds before the button is pressed and the 30 seconds that follow. This is a handy feature in the event that you drove by something you would like to capture, even if you passed right by it because it will capture the 30 seconds prior as well. 

The other buttons are for accessing the menu, muting audio, power and toggle recordings.

Tagging Video

A cool feature we like is that you can tag your videos with “Vico Tag.” This enables you to enter a tag like your name or some identifier. This will display along with the date and time and speed stamp if GPS is enabled. This is a handy feature if for example you are managing a fleet of vehicles in a commercial business where you know from which vehicle the footage is from without any second guesses.

GPS Availability

You will need a separate module if you’d like to enable GPS, as the Vico-Opia2 is GPS enabled. The speed and GPS position of your vehicle can be recorded in this case on the video feed. There is an option to turn this off as well.

CPL Lens

Optional, a CPL lens can be installed which reduces windshield reflection. This is an additional option but this dash cam does have provisions to allow this lens.

Parking Modes

Motion detection and time-lapse are the two standard parking modes with this dash cam. For motion detection, the camera will record and store any detected motion. In time lapse mode, you have the option to set it at 1, 10 or every 60 seconds where a photo is taken.

As with most dash cams, for parking mode you will need to hardwire the Vico-Opia2 to your fuse box.  You will also need a battery discharge prevention device.  The Vico-Power Plus can be purchased and installed to ensure that you will not drain your car’s battery.  You can also purchase a separate battery pack for this as well.

Cool Feature

In some areas it’s illegal to drive with a dash cam that projects a screen image. The Vico-Opia2 comes with an option to activate a screensaver timer to 15 seconds, a minute, 3 or 5 minutes or you can opt to have it just turn off.

Final Thoughts

The Vico-Opia2 is known for it’s video quality and it is the best that we have seen at this point. Night time viewing is very good but this dash cam really shines during the day as the quality is just amazing. It’s no the stealthiest of cams but it’s relatively small in size and looks great.

The Opia2 is a little pricey than other 1440p dash cameras we have reviewed but is in our opinion one of the best.

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Video Samples

Here is a sample of camera footage recorded during the day with this model

Here is the footage at night