Viofo A119 & A119 V2

Viofo A119 / A119 V2 Review

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The Viofo A119 v2 is the all new version of the A119. This was released in late summer of 2017.  The only a real differences between the two cameras is that the new version has a different GPS mount and electrical contacts to the mount have been changed around.

The reason for this change was that some owners were complaining of power loss randomly happening.  So this change is not really an enhancement as far as options go but rather a fix to an issue. Since the changes are different, the two cams are not interchangeable with the GPS mount.

If you are looking to get a CPL lens, it will work with the V2 but not with the original.

The A119 is manufactured in China and uses a Novatek NT96660 processor released back in 2016. Resolution is rated at 2560×1440 at 30fps. It is also capable of producing standard 1920×1080 video in 30fps or 60fps.

The camera is made by Viofo, a Chinese company. You may have seen a similar looking camera that is sold with a different name, which is true. SpyTec A119 is another name for this camera but it’s the exact same model. What remains the same is the manufacturer – Viofo.

Video Quality

The A119 records great quality both during daylight and night driving. It is one of the first to support 1440p resolution. The shape of the cam is very stealth too, which we like. It’s wedge-shaped and looks very sleek.


If you are looking to get GPS, then you’ll need to spend about $10 more for the GPS enabled version which comes with an external mount. Owners of the GPS version cam can enjoy video that displays your location and speed in the recording which can be useful, especially if an event is triggered.

If stealth is more important to you than GPS, then do not get the GPS version because it is a bit larger than the non-GPS version due to the mount.

The A119 comes with a 2” screen. Video footage can be seen right from the camera itself or you can view from a computer using the Micro SD card. Up to 128 GB is supported with the A119. The documentation shows that only 64GB is supported but the manufacturer has confirmed that 1288GB is supported.

Position of the camera is easy as the lens can be moved vertically and horizontally.

Similar to other higher end dash cams, the A119 includes a lock file button. This enables you to have footage saved permanently until you decide to delete it, so that it will be unaffected by the loop recording.

We love this camera due to its stealth appearance and very good video quality in both day and night driving. It’s ease of use and good looks and recording at 1440p makes it one of our winners and we definitely recommend it.

There is a new version of this dash cam out, the Viofo A119S and A119S V2.

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Comparison Video of the A119 and A119S