YI Dash Camera Review

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The Yi dash camera is one of our low cost favorites. You may be aware of the Yi Action Cam but these two devices are very different. The Yi dash cam is based on the action cam but has been optimized to only work as a dash camera.

Not to be confused with…

There is a common mistake with this dash camera whereby some call it the Xiaomi Yi Dash Cam which is incorrect.  The Yi dash cam is made by Yi technology, a Chinese Company.  They have no affiliation with Xiaomi, a different company altogether.

What we like about this low priced dash cam is that it comes with some of the options that the more expensive dash cams have.  The device is simple to use due to its very user friendly setup.

You are able to use wi-fi with this device through either your android or apple smart phone.  The screen is 2.7 inches in size.  Although this device does not have parking mode, it still has loop recording, a G sensor, time and date stamp and also automatic on and off.  GPS is also not supported.

Image Quality

Image quality for the Yi is very good during the day and surprisingly good at night as well.  For the price of this camera we’re surprised how well if records at night.  The Angle of the camera is 165°.  The edge of the screen appears slightly warped but overall the quality is still very good.

According to the manufacturer the Yi can record at 1296p at 30fps.  We’re not sure of the accuracy of these figure’s but the is able to record very good video quality at 1080 P with frame rates between 30 and 60 fps.

Final Thoughts

This is a great entry level dash cam if you’re not looking to spend a lot of money.  If you’re not worried about stealth, then this dash cam is definitely recommended.  It may not have as many features as the BlackVue DR750S, for example but with a simple menu and large screen it’s a newbie favourite.

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Day Time Driving Footage with the YI

Night Time Driving Footage with the YI